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1852 - David Woodard's Will

David Woodards last Will & Testament
July 8 1852

David Woodard do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to Say first of all I will that all my Just debts be paid out of the first money that may come into the hands of my Executor 2d I give to my son Henry Woodard one dollar 3d I give to my daughter Mary Holland one Dollar 4th I give to my daughter Drucilla one Dollar 5th I Give to my Daughter Martha Woodard One Dollar 6 I give to my Son Noah Woodard one Dollar 7 I give to my Son Jesse Woodard one Dollar I Give to my wife Mary Woodard all the remainder of my estate Including real and personal absolutely to dispose of as she may think best before her death or at it   I ---- that R B Rose be my Executor
R B Rose                              David his X mark Woodard  {Seal}
W H Mason

Robertson County Court January Term 1857
----------------- was presented to the court for Probate Where up came W H Mason one of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto who ----oath-------------------- personally acquainted With David Woodard the testator in his life time that he acknowledged the execution of said paper writing in his presence to be his last Will and testament and that he was in his proper mind and that he witnessed said Paper writing in his presence and at his request And ------- in Came G B Mason & William H Mason who on oath testify that they are Well acquainted with the hand Writing of Richard B Rose the said Subscribing Witness to Said Paper Writing and that he -------  thereto purporting to be his genuine Signature in his own proper hand Writing and that he is a non resident of the State of Tennessee the Court thereupon declares said paper Writing to be the Just Will and Testament of the Said David Woodard and orders it to be Recorded
                                             Test R H Murphey Clk

(Robertson County, Tennessee 16-348)

NOTE: David Woodard married (1st) Elizabeth Braswell in Nash County, North Carolina.  She died at some point and David married (2nd) after 1817 to Mrs Mary Ann Brakefield who had a son named Jesse Brakefield born about 1817.  

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