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1877- Susan Woodard to J H Woodard (William Braswell's Line)

For and in consideration of the love and affection which I have for my beloved Son J. H. Woodard I Susan Woodard have this day given granted and do hereby transfer & convey unto the Said J. H. Woodard all my lifetime Interest which is Reserved to me in Article No 2 in the last will And Testament of Noah Woodard my Dcd Husband To the tract of land Described in Article No 5 of Said will and Denominated Lot No. 1 in the ---- Said land lies in the 4th civil District of Robertson County and Bounded as follows Beginning on Stone Batts Farmers corner in William Braswells line Running thence East with Batts Farmers line 74 2/3 to a Stone in Isaac Farmers line thence N 15 E with Said Farmers line 97 poles to a Red Oak thence west 98 1/2 poles to a Post oak thence west 98 1/2 poles to a Post oak thence South 97 poles to the Beginning Containing fifty one acres be it more or less & further bind my Self to defend the title of Said land unto the Said J. H. Woodard during my lifetime and no longer given under my hand this fifth day of September 1877
Test {R W Draughon}                     Susan her X mark Woodard
         C. Highsmith                          witness her mark
                                                       R W Draughon


Personally appeared before me John Y Hutchinson Clerk of the County Court of said County the afore named Susan Woodard the bargainor, with who I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledged that she executed the annexed instrument for the purposes therein contained.

Witness, my hand at office, this 2 day of October 1877
                                                John Y Hutchinson  Clerk
                                                By _______________D. C.

Contributed by J W Stewart

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