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1877- Susan Woodard to J H Woodard (William Braswell's Line)

For and in consideration of the love and affection which I have for my beloved Son J. H. Woodard I Susan Woodard have this day given granted and do hereby transfer & convey unto the Said J. H. Woodard all my lifetime Interest which is Reserved to me in Article No 2 in the last will And Testament of Noah Woodard my Dcd Husband To the tract of land Described in Article No 5 of Said will and Denominated Lot No. 1 in the ---- Said land lies in the 4th civil District of Robertson County and Bounded as follows Beginning on Stone Batts Farmers corner in William Braswells line Running thence East with Batts Farmers line 74 2/3 to a Stone in Isaac Farmers line thence N 15 E with Said Farmers line 97 poles to a Red Oak thence west 98 1/2 poles to a Post oak thence west 98 1/2 poles to a Post oak thence South 97 poles to the Beginning Containing fifty one acres be it more or less & further bind my Self to defend the title of Said land unto the Said J. H. Woodard during my lifetime and no longer given under my hand this fifth day of September 1877
Test {R W Draughon}                     Susan her X mark Woodard
         C. Highsmith                          witness her mark
                                                       R W Draughon


Personally appeared before me John Y Hutchinson Clerk of the County Court of said County the afore named Susan Woodard the bargainor, with who I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledged that she executed the annexed instrument for the purposes therein contained.

Witness, my hand at office, this 2 day of October 1877
                                                John Y Hutchinson  Clerk
                                                By _______________D. C.

Contributed by J W Stewart

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1852 - David Woodard's Will

David Woodards last Will & Testament
July 8 1852

David Woodard do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to Say first of all I will that all my Just debts be paid out of the first money that may come into the hands of my Executor 2d I give to my son Henry Woodard one dollar 3d I give to my daughter Mary Holland one Dollar 4th I give to my daughter Drucilla one Dollar 5th I Give to my Daughter Martha Woodard One Dollar 6 I give to my Son Noah Woodard one Dollar 7 I give to my Son Jesse Woodard one Dollar I Give to my wife Mary Woodard all the remainder of my estate Including real and personal absolutely to dispose of as she may think best before her death or at it   I ---- that R B Rose be my Executor
R B Rose                              David his X mark Woodard  {Seal}
W H Mason

Robertson County Court January Term 1857
----------------- was presented to the court for Probate Where up came W H Mason one of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto who ----oath-------------------- personally acquainted With David Woodard the testator in his life time that he acknowledged the execution of said paper writing in his presence to be his last Will and testament and that he was in his proper mind and that he witnessed said Paper writing in his presence and at his request And ------- in Came G B Mason & William H Mason who on oath testify that they are Well acquainted with the hand Writing of Richard B Rose the said Subscribing Witness to Said Paper Writing and that he -------  thereto purporting to be his genuine Signature in his own proper hand Writing and that he is a non resident of the State of Tennessee the Court thereupon declares said paper Writing to be the Just Will and Testament of the Said David Woodard and orders it to be Recorded
                                             Test R H Murphey Clk

(Robertson County, Tennessee 16-348)

NOTE: David Woodard married (1st) Elizabeth Braswell in Nash County, North Carolina.  She died at some point and David married (2nd) after 1817 to Mrs Mary Ann Brakefield who had a son named Jesse Brakefield born about 1817.  

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1763-1774 - James Woodard & Samuel Braswell

Page 219 Read the Petition of Sundry persons for Laying out a road from near Francis PARKERs the nearest way into the road that leads to Stony Creek nigh Nicholas SKINNERs Ordred that the following persons be a Jury to lay off the same (to wit) Isaac HILLIARD, Francis JONES, Nathaniel DRAKEHenry BECKWITH, Joseph MATTHEWS, Arthur WHITEHEAD, Nathan BODDIE, Thomas WILLIS,  Samuel BRACEWELL, George HERROD, Arthur BRASWELL , James WOODARD, David STRICKLAND, and that likewise the following persons [Page 220] are to work on the said Road: William WILLIAMS, Isaac HILLIARD, Francis JONES, John JONES, John MELTON, James MATTHEWS, Jacob MATTHEWS, Thomas HART, Henry BECKWITH, Thomas BECKWI__, Jesse HUNT, Samuel BRASWELL William BRASWELL ,  William BIZZELLThomas SPIGHT, Thomas WILLIS & William WILLIS and that Ebenezer FOLSOMis appointed Overseer of the same &c.

Edgecombe Co., NC County Court Minutes BOOK II 1763-1774 by Weynette Parks Haun


Arthur, Samuel & William Braswell are brothers and sons of  William Braswell II and wife Margaret.

James Woodard's son David married Elizabeth Braswell, daughter of Samuel Braswell.

James Woodard's daughter Mary married Micajah Braswell, son of Samuel Braswell.

1808 - James Woodard's Will

In the name of God Amen
JAMES WOODARD of the County of Nash and State of North Carolina, being of sound disposing mind & memory (blessed be God) do make and ordain this my last Will and testament (hereby revoking all others) in manner & form following to wit.
Imprimes, I lend to my beloved wife MARY WOODARD during her natural life all my land & plantation & at the expiration thereof I give & bequeath the same to my grandson COLEMAN WOODARD (son of AARON WOODARD) to him & his heirs for ever. Also I lend to my wife MARY one negro man by the name of Robin & at her death I give & bequeath the sd negro Robin to my son AARON WOODARD to him and his heirs forever I lend also to my wife MARY WOODARD during her life two feather beds and furniture, one chest one Table & all my Kitchen furniture, one Sorrel Horse, two cows and calves, one sow & pigs (& give her as many fat Hoggs as will be sufficient to support her and family one year) one Cart & wheels, one plow well fixed for service, with good gear, And at the expiration of her life my will and desire is that the aforesaid property be divided in the following manner (viz) three fifth parts be equally divided between my three children namely AARON WOODARD, ELIZABETH HOLLAND & KIZIAH MASINGALE, & two fifths between the children of my two daughters, SARAH DANCE & MOURNING JACKSON.
Item, I give and bequeath to my grandson HENRY WOODARD (son of DAVID WOODARD) one feather bed without furniture to him and his heirs forever.
Item, I give and bequeath to my son DAVID WOODARD one Dollar and no more.
Item, I give and bequeath to my son DANIEL WOODARD one Dollar and no more.
Item, I give and bequeath to my Daughter MARY HUNT BRASWELL nineteen Dollars which I have already paid & have to pay for her.
Item, I give and bequeath to the children of my son DAVID WOODARD each of them forty shillings Virginia Currency a piece to be put out on Interest till they arrive to the age of twenty one years.
And after my just debts being paid, my will and desire is that the rest and residue of my Estate (including my Mill) be divided in the following manner, viz., my three children, namely AARON WOODARD, ELIZABETH HOLLAND & KEZIAH MASINGALE to have three fifths parts, equal in division and the other two fifths to be equally divided between the children of my two Daughters, SARAH DANCE & MOURNING JACKSON, except one cow and yearling now in his possession which I give to my sd Daughter MOURNING & no more & one Dollar also which I give to my sd Daughter SARAH DANCE & no more.
And I hereby make and ordain my friend JAMES WILLIAMS & my son AARON WOODARD Executors to this my last will and testament In witness whereof I have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal this 13th of February 1808. Interlined before signed}
Sign’d Seal’d publish his
And declared in the JAMES X WOODARD (Seal)
Presence of us mark
This my Codisel I here unto Ennox unto my Will
Item, I give unto KEZEKIAH MASINGALE one Bed and furniture To her and her heirs forever.
Item I give and Bequeath unto my grand Son JAMES DANCE one Bed and furniture to him and his heirs for Ever.
Signed in presence of us; his
This Eighteenth Day
His February 1808
Nash County } The foregoing will and codicil was duly proven in open Court & ordered to be recorded by the oath of WM. BODDIE a subscribing Witness to each & on Motion ordered to be Record
Attest Wm. Hall, CC
And is Registered in obedience to the above order
Attest Wm. Hall CC

Contributed by Pal Spencer.

NOTE:  David Woodard & his sister Elizabeth Holland moved to Robertson Co., TN and it is believed that the Mary Braswell who married an unknown Stark in the Primitive Baptist Church of  Red River is their sister Mary Hunt Braswell, widow of Micajah Hunt Braswell. 

1828 - POA of Drucilla, Mary, Martha & Noah Woodard

"Know all men by these presents that we Drucilla Woodard, Cordy Holland and wife Mary Holland formerly Mary Woodard, Noah Woodard, Martha Woodard Heirs of David Woodard all of the County of Robertson and State of Tennessee do by these presents constitute nominate and appoint our friend Vicnet Williams of the County and State aforesaid our true and lawful attorney in fact for us and in our names And on our behalf to ask demand sue for recover and receive of Aaron Woodard Excet. of James Woodard Decesed In the County of Nash and State of North Carolina The legacy due said heirs by heirship fo their grandfather James Woodard and to make Settlement with sd. Executor and on Receiving such legecy recept them for the same in our names and on recovering and receiving such Legacy due to us and we do hereby vest full power and athority in our said attorney should it become necessary to sue and be sued prosecute and defend any or all suits
necessary to compleat our business and all recepts Necessary for our Attorney to assign shall be as good and Valied as tho we was personally present to Assign and Acknowledge the same ourselves; hereby ratifying and confirming all my said attorney may lawfully do in And about the premises in testimony whereof we Have herunto set our hands and Seals this 17th Day of May 1828.
Drucella (her mark) Woodard (seal) Corday Holland (seal)
Mary (her mark) Holand (seal)
Noah Woodard (seal) Martha (her mark) Woodard (seal)

State of Tennessee Robertson County
We William Pope, Richard Benson Two of the acting Justices of the peace in and for said County do hereby certify that Drucilla Woodard, Cordy Holland and wife Mary Holland formily Mary Woodard, Noah Woodard, Martha Woodard came personally before us and acknowledged that foregoing power of Attorney to Vincent Williams for the purpose therein Contained in testimony whereof we have here unto set our
hands and seals this 17th day of May 1828.
William Pope (seal) Richard Benson Jr (seal)

State of Tennessee Robertson County
William Seal Clerk of Court of Please and Quarter Sessions for said County do hereby certify that William Pope and Richard Benson Esquires whose names stand assigned to the foregoing certificate of acknowledgement are acting Justices of the peace and for said County duly commissioned and qualified as such and that full faith and credit is and ought to be due to their official acts as such. In Testimoney whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at office in Springfield this 17th day of May 1828 and 52nd year of our Independence
Wm Seal Clerk of Robertson County Courth

State of North Carolina
Nash County Court August Term 1828

The foregoing Power of atty. was offered for Probate and Rect. and it appearing to the Satisfaction of the Court that the same had been duly acknowleded before Richard Benson and Wm Pope two of the Justices of the Peace for said County of Robertson Tennessee as certified by Wm. Seal Clerk of the County Court of said Rovertson under his seal of office and by John Hutchinson presiding Magistrate of said Court as to the Clerkship of said Wm. Sela, it is therefore ordered to be recorded.
And is Registered in obedience thereto
Attest H. Blount C.C.C.
Attest Jesse H. Drake J.P."

Source: Nash County, N.C. Power of Attorney, 1788-1913 (Broken
Series). C.R.069.928.6. Submitted by Grace Turner. Copied as closely as possible from original.