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1828 - POA of Drucilla, Mary, Martha & Noah Woodard

"Know all men by these presents that we Drucilla Woodard, Cordy Holland and wife Mary Holland formerly Mary Woodard, Noah Woodard, Martha Woodard Heirs of David Woodard all of the County of Robertson and State of Tennessee do by these presents constitute nominate and appoint our friend Vicnet Williams of the County and State aforesaid our true and lawful attorney in fact for us and in our names And on our behalf to ask demand sue for recover and receive of Aaron Woodard Excet. of James Woodard Decesed In the County of Nash and State of North Carolina The legacy due said heirs by heirship fo their grandfather James Woodard and to make Settlement with sd. Executor and on Receiving such legecy recept them for the same in our names and on recovering and receiving such Legacy due to us and we do hereby vest full power and athority in our said attorney should it become necessary to sue and be sued prosecute and defend any or all suits
necessary to compleat our business and all recepts Necessary for our Attorney to assign shall be as good and Valied as tho we was personally present to Assign and Acknowledge the same ourselves; hereby ratifying and confirming all my said attorney may lawfully do in And about the premises in testimony whereof we Have herunto set our hands and Seals this 17th Day of May 1828.
Drucella (her mark) Woodard (seal) Corday Holland (seal)
Mary (her mark) Holand (seal)
Noah Woodard (seal) Martha (her mark) Woodard (seal)

State of Tennessee Robertson County
We William Pope, Richard Benson Two of the acting Justices of the peace in and for said County do hereby certify that Drucilla Woodard, Cordy Holland and wife Mary Holland formily Mary Woodard, Noah Woodard, Martha Woodard came personally before us and acknowledged that foregoing power of Attorney to Vincent Williams for the purpose therein Contained in testimony whereof we have here unto set our
hands and seals this 17th day of May 1828.
William Pope (seal) Richard Benson Jr (seal)

State of Tennessee Robertson County
William Seal Clerk of Court of Please and Quarter Sessions for said County do hereby certify that William Pope and Richard Benson Esquires whose names stand assigned to the foregoing certificate of acknowledgement are acting Justices of the peace and for said County duly commissioned and qualified as such and that full faith and credit is and ought to be due to their official acts as such. In Testimoney whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at office in Springfield this 17th day of May 1828 and 52nd year of our Independence
Wm Seal Clerk of Robertson County Courth

State of North Carolina
Nash County Court August Term 1828

The foregoing Power of atty. was offered for Probate and Rect. and it appearing to the Satisfaction of the Court that the same had been duly acknowleded before Richard Benson and Wm Pope two of the Justices of the Peace for said County of Robertson Tennessee as certified by Wm. Seal Clerk of the County Court of said Rovertson under his seal of office and by John Hutchinson presiding Magistrate of said Court as to the Clerkship of said Wm. Sela, it is therefore ordered to be recorded.
And is Registered in obedience thereto
Attest H. Blount C.C.C.
Attest Jesse H. Drake J.P."

Source: Nash County, N.C. Power of Attorney, 1788-1913 (Broken
Series). C.R.069.928.6. Submitted by Grace Turner. Copied as closely as possible from original.

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